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The Dharma Teacher Order is a group of monastics and lay people who follow the Vietnamese Zen (Thien) Buddhist tradition and are interested in 1) learning more about the Dharma (Buddha’s teachings), 2) developing our spiritual practices and 3) making the Dharma available to the Western Hemisphere. We are respectful of all Buddhist traditions as well as other religious denominations and welcome interaction with all of them.

Dharma Study Program

This program is a four-year course of study  with an introduction to Buddhism, Buddhist Sutras, and Buddhist Thinking. The course is a wonderful way to cultivate a more conscious and balanced life and helping yourself and others realize liberation from suffering.

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Buddhist Online Course

In its mission to spread the Dharma and cultivate wisdom and compassion, the Dharma Teacher Order is currently designing and developing an online Introduction to Buddhism course that will be available to students outside of our physical sangha locations in the United States. Please check back again regarding status.

Prison Correspondence Course

The International Center for Prison Studies reports the the United States is estimated to have 2.3 million criminals behind bars. This is more than any other nation in the world. We are helping transform the hearts and minds of the incarcerated with Dharma study and support.

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