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Tao Te Ching and the Chuang Tzu

On April 17, 2018 the CT sangha was privileged to receive an extended dharma talk by Richard Zipoli. Richard outlined the theme and content of the two most well known of the Taoist texts, the Tao Te Ching and the Chuang Tzu. In doing so he also pointed out their remarkable similarities to early Buddhism and how fundamental Taoist though was to the development of Zen.


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Our (choose one: herd, sedge, sege, siege, swoop) of cranes

Michelle Hartel Reporting, Connecticut Sangha

During a recent class, the CT DTO Sangha was treated to a wonderful lesson on Buddha-Nature by our presenter, Richard Downey. Richard is a fabulous storyteller and an experienced artist. During his presentation of the Sutra of Hui Neng, also known as the Sutra Spoken by the Sixth Patriarch, the Platform Sutra, or the Altar Sutra, Richard used his artistic teaching abilities to help us all experience Buddha-Nature.

Since Buddha-Nature exists within every one of us, he used the art of origami to illustrate how Buddha-Nature exists and can flourish so it can be seen others. In this case, the paper contained crane-nature which nobody could see, although we trusted that the crane-nature existed within the paper. Just as we trust that Buddha-Nature exists within each of us and only needs to be recognized and nurtured to be seen by others, the crane-nature needed to be coaxed out of the paper with much folding and much patience. There was laughter and frustration along the way as we walked the path together unlocking our respective crane-nature.

In the end, we all witnessed the beauty of the crane-nature that we developed into our own special cranes. Much like our own individual practices, we learned that our own Buddha-Nature can evolve in different ways and the results of our practice together is beautiful, like our swoop of cranes. Each one different, yet similar. Each one the result of nurturing the crane-nature within.

Our CT swoop of cranes nesting in our new bowl cushion.

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Connecticut sangha procures a new bell

Craig Hannah Reporting, Connecticut Sangha

With the expert advice of Noble Silence and Thay, Ct sangha member Deborah McDonald selected a new bell and inkin while at the winter retreat in Pearland. It received its inaugural use at our December 16th practice. Its tone is magnificent and truly is a call to mindfulness.

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Buddhist Global Relief Walk to Feed the Hungry

Bobbie Martin Reporting, Connecticut Sangha

CT Sangha Walk for Hungerunger
On September 24, 2017, Lao Lane Xang Temple in Willington, Connecticut hosted Buddhist Global Relief’s Connecticut Walk to Feed the Hungry. The event began with a short talk by Bhikku Bodhi, explaining that other walks around the country were held in public parks where participants walked in pairs or small groups, chatting and keeping up a normal walking pace. Here in Willington, the walk was unique, single file, slow, a form of meditation that took us across the lawn and into the forest. We were instructed to consider those who would benefit from our efforts, the girls able to stay in school with donations of food to their families, the children able to receive a daily meal in Haiti, schools in impoverished regions that would be sup-plied with supplies, teachers and administrators, to name just a few. And so we stepped along the path, one foot-fall following the next, all following the monks and nuns that led us. (more…)

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