Class Format

Our classes begin with a half hour of Buddhist practice, which is described here. The formal class begins after this.


After our Buddhist practice, the class usually begins with announcements, followed by:



Each class has an assigned reading. A teacher or one of the advanced students expresses his/or her understanding of the reading.  Experienced Dharma Teachers assist students with understanding the standard interpretation of the works involved, but students are encouraged to be creative. Some previous presentations included puppets, board games, drawing activities, and Powerpoint presentations. Helpful presentation guidelines are provided. Then:


We are called back to:

WALKING MEDITATION or MINDFUL MOVEMENTS We use the breath as a bridge between our body and mind. We are aware of our feet touching the ground, but we keep pace as a Sangha, not as an individual.


The teacher or student leading the presentation will have prepared two or three questions to begin the discussion. As we do throughout the day, we do our best to be respectful of each other and the Sangha. We can join our palms together to let others know we would like to comment and when we are finished speaking. It is also a time for sharing.