CT Sangha Schedule and Volunteer List

Volunteering is optional, but highly recommended as an offering of practice.

If you are on the path towards certification, we request that you volunteer, at least once each, in the roles of:

  • Presenter
  • Bell Master
  • Mokugyo/Incense Offering
  • Walking or Movement lead

Please feel free to provide snacks and/or flowers for the alter. Thank you in advance.

Date Topic Contents Presenter Bell Master Mokugyo/Incense Offering Lead Walking Meditation Lead Mindful Movements
9/23/2017 Dhammapada The Five hindrances, the Five Remembrances Michelle Hartel Bobbie Martin Richard Downey Janet Crocker n/a
10/14/2017 Heart Sutra Background, Emptiness Bobbie Martin Michelle Hartel open n/a open
10/28/2017 Heart Sutra Five Aggregates, Wisdom Jeff Benoit Richard Downey Michelle Hartel Richard Downey n/a
11/11/2017 Diamond Sutra Wisdom, The Six Paramitas Craig Hannah Fay Lavoie Ted Rasmussen n/a Fay Lavoie
12/2/2017 Awakening of Faith Reality, Suchness, Law of Causality, Faith Nancy Smeeth Jeff Benoit Craig Hannah Janet Crocker n/a
12/16/2017 Amitabha Sutra Here and Now, Pure Land, Pure Mind, Rebirth, Chanting Meditation Michelle Hartel and Craig Hannah Craig Hannah Jeff Benoit n/a Fay Lavoie
1/6/2018 Sutra of Hui Neng Enlightenment – sudden vs. gradual Richard Downey Nancy Smeeth Fay Lavoie Michelle Hartel n/a
1/20/2018 Lotus Sutra Parts I & II The Historical Dimension, The Ultimate Dimension Deborah McDonald Fay Lavoie Richard Zipoli n/a open
2/3/2018 Lotus Sutra Parts III & IV The Action Dimension, Opening the Doors of Action Fay Lavoie Bobbie Martin Jeff Benoit Craig Hannah n/a
2/17/2018 Tao Te Ching The Way, Virtue Richard Zipoli Ted Rasmussen Fay Lavoie n/a (Skipped)
3/10/2018 Vimalakirti Sutra Non-duality, Thunderous Silence Michelle Hartel Ted Rasmussen Craig Hannah Jeff Benoit n/a
3/24/2018 The Universe in a Single Atom Ch. 1-5 Emptiness, Karma Ted Rasmussen Fay Lavoie Michelle Hartel n/a Fay Lavoie
4/7/2018 The Universe in a Single Atom Ch. 6-10 Consciousness, Ethics Fay Lavoie Craig Hannah Fay Lavoie Janet Crocker n/a
List last updated on: 2/17/2018