Prisoner Correspondence Course

The Correspondence Course for prisoners is administered and taught by the Dharma Teacher Order with the support of the Buddhist Association of the United States (BAUS).

The Course are designed to familiarize the student with the life of the Buddha, Buddhist concepts, theory and practice, as well as the major schools of Buddhism and their practices. The goal is to help the student learn Buddhist practices which help reduce unskillful states of mind such as anger and hatred and cultivate skillful states of mind such as equanimity and compassion.

The Courses consist of a series of reading assignments and practice in Buddhist meditation and mindfulness training. Written questions are asked on the material covered in each assignment that will test not only the student’s understanding of the material, but also their thoughts on how the material may be applicable to their life. Answers to these questions are returned in writing for review by the Course faculty. The student receives feedback, on a regular basis, as to their understanding and application of the material covered. Grading is done on a Pass/Fail method.

Upon receipt and acceptance of the student’s application in the Correspondence Course, the first reading assignment will be sent to them along with written questions covering the assignment.

All material sent to the student is provided at no charge to them. There is no set time limit for completing the course, the student is free to progress at his own pace. The course faculty will continue to be available to the student after completion of the Course to assist them in continuing their studies and practice of Buddhism.


If you have any questions concerning the Course, please contact:
Buddhist Correspondence Course
c/o Rev. Richard Baksa, 2020 Route 301, Carmel, NY 10512